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— Martin Buber

Pain Relief Is Vital for Your Pet’s Well-Being

Pet Pain Relief

Mountain View Animal Clinic provides complete pain management for all of our pet patients. Perhaps your senior pet has slowed down. Maybe your dog needs his teeth cleaned or is having an extraction. Possibly you’ve brought your kitten in to be spayed. After any injury, your pet may not want to move around as much as before. Controlling pain is vital to your pet’s well-being and healing in all these situations.

Controlling Pain Before, During, and After Surgery

When your pet needs surgery, the veterinarians at Mountain View make sure that he or she is comfortable with medication administered before, during, and after the procedure by intravenous (IV) means. Pain relief during any surgical procedure has a profound impact on how our pet patients feel during recovery. It also significantly affects their attitude and activity once they return home.

Pain Relief for Routine Dental Procedures

Veterinarians use pain relief as an important tool to ensure that routine dental care is not painful for your pet. Pain medication, as well as a local dental block, is given to ensure additional pain relief before, during, and after a cleaning or tooth extraction. All dental procedures are performed with general anesthesia to ensure that your pet is comfortable.

Pet Pain Relief Photo

Pain Relief for Senior Pets

As your pet ages, joint pain and arthritis may make him or her seem slower and less able to do the things he or she loves. We can help with appropriate, ongoing pain relief medications to help relieve pain and even improve mobility. Dietary supplements can help both cats and dogs as well.

If your pet is diagnosed with arthritis or cancer, ensuring that he or she is comfortable is a high priority. Our multi-modal approach, using several different types of pain relief medicine, means that we can give low doses of medication while still ensuring that your pet is comfortable and more relaxed.